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January 25, 2022

How Does Dental Malpractice Insurance Work?

Dental malpractice insurance can offer valuable protection for your dental practice and your career. Many jurisdictions require it, and it can provide financial coverage if anyone files a claim of negligence or improper practice. Although it might not be pleasant to think about, all dentists are susceptible to lawsuits, and this coverage can help you be prepared if it happens to you. 

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What Does Dental Malpractice Insurance Cover? 
Dental malpractice insurance may provide coverage for the expenses that arise from lawsuits alleging negligent acts, errors or omissions. Claims may originate from several areas of dental care, including procedures that result in injuries, improper advice or missed diagnoses.   

A dental malpractice policy may help cover the following: 

  • Expenses associated with defending a lawsuit 

  • Damages if you are found liable for dental malpractice 

  • Arbitration costs 

  • Settlement costs 

  • Judgment costs 

Your plan should be based on the specific needs of your practice. Other types of insurance, including as workers’ compensation insurance, property insurance, business income insurance and general liability insurance, may also be available to help you build a comprehensive insurance portfolio. Speak with your agent to discuss options, coverages, limits and exclusions. 

What Types of Dental Malpractice Insurance Policies Are Available? 
Dental malpractice insurance policies are typically available as either claims-made or occurrence coverage.  

  • Claims-madeThis type of dental malpractice insurance helps provide coverage if someone makes a claim during the policy period, and the incident that gave rise to the claim occurred when the policy was active.  

  • OccurrenceThis type of dental malpractice insurance helps provide coverage if the alleged incident that resulted in injury occurred during the policy period. The resulting claim may be filed after the policy is canceled or terminated, and coverage would still apply.


How Much Is Dental Malpractice Insurance? 
Several factors determine the cost of dental malpractice insurance. For example, rates are typically lower for new dentists. Additionally, dental malpractice insurance premiums vary depending on the policy type, the amount of coverage purchased and the size and location of your practice.  

The professionals at Mikel’s Insurance Services can tailor your insurance portfolio to your needs. We can discuss costs and options and help you find the best insurance plan for your practice. Give us a call today at 855-758-9649 or visit our website for more information or a quote.  

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