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April 19, 2022

Dental Malpractice Insurance

Dental malpractice lawsuits are more common than you may think. Negligent dental work, failure to diagnose a problematic condition, delayed diagnosis and misconduct on the part of the dentist can all trigger a lawsuit.

The agents at Mikel’s Insurance Services in Downey, California, understand how important it is for dental practices to have proper insurance coverage. Contact us today for help reviewing your current coverage.

What Are Some Common Forms of Dental Malpractice

While most dentists don’t set out to harm their patients, minor accidents, mishaps and mistakes happen. Some of the most common forms of dental malpractice, according to the American Dental Association, include:

·       Failure to consider a patient’s relevant medical history.

·       Complications from previous dental work.

·       Extraction of wrong teeth or unnecessary extraction of multiple teeth.

·       Failure to detect periodontal disease, oral cancer or other oral diseases.

·       Complications because of negligently completed bridges and crowns.

·       Wrongful death resulting from oral surgery or dental procedures.

·       Permanent or temporary injuries to the jaw, lips, chin or tongue.

·       Nerve injuries caused by injections.

·       Permanent or temporary loss of taste or sensation.

·       Delayed dental diagnosis.

·       Wrong dental diagnosis.

·       Improper administration of anesthesia.

·       Fractured jaw due to a dental procedure.

There’s more to a dental malpractice suit than the costs of a settlement or satisfying a judge’s ruling for damages. It can take years to wrap up a dental malpractice suit, and the professional on the receiving end of the lawsuit must retain (and pay for) legal counsel during that time. Dental malpractice insurance can help pay for legal costs and related court fees.

Who Is at Risk of a Dental Malpractice Claim?

While dentists and oral surgeons routinely perform some of the riskiest dental procedures, other dental professionals are also at risk of malpractice claims.

Hygienists, dental assistants, anesthesiologists and other medical professionals involved with a procedure may also be held legally responsible for a patient’s losses. For this reason, a dental practice must have appropriate insurance coverage.

Get the Dental Malpractice Insurance You Need to Protect Your Business

Even dental practices with the most skilled professionals dedicated to providing the best possible care to patients can become involved in a dental malpractice lawsuit. Without proper coverage, your practice could be responsible for covering the damages if a judge rules in the patient’s favor.

If a judge decides that you or one of your employees failed to provide the standard level of care your profession requires, damages could financially cripple your practice.

At Mikel’s Insurance Services, we understand how vital dental malpractice insurance is to the future well-being of your dental practice. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to get a quote.

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