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June 6, 2022

The Most Common Homeowners Insurance Claims and How to Avoid Them

A homeowners insurance policy helps protect you and your belongings, but it’s better for everybody if you don’t have to deal with filing a claim. You can lower your chances for incidents by learning from others. Some of the most common claims include:a large lawn in front of a house

  1. Storm damage. Strong winds are usually to blame for damage, so look around your house and see what may cause damage. Anchor down or put away yard furniture, and inspect trees for disease or dead limbs. Trim back trees hanging over the roof.

  2. Injuries. You want your home to be safe, but there are a lot of claims due to accidents. Especially dangerous zones include pools, hot tubs, swing sets and trampolines, so take measures to keep those areas safe. Always keep walkways and stairs clear to prevent visitors from slipping and falling. Make sure handrails are available and sturdy.

  3. Fire damage. Fire causes not only structural damage, but damage to your belongings. Be extremely cautious when using the stove, candles, fireplaces, matches and lighters. Avoid smoking indoors if possible.

  4. Water damage. Be sure to take care of any plumbing leaks, frozen pipes and problems with water heaters or dishwashers right away to prevent water damage. This does not include flood damage which needs to be covered under a separate policy.

If you own your home, take the time to evaluate its current condition and identify possible safety hazards. These four areas are usually the most common claims and by starting with these, you will most likely decrease your chance of having to file a homeowners insurance claim.

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