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Dentist Professional Liability

MedPro Group Dental Liability in California, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada,
New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington


Warren Buffett’s Insurance Company…

“Insurance is a long term proposition; it is important that you give your
premium dollar to an insurer that will be there when you need it…”


Premium Discount for California “Punjabi Dental Society” members and SCOA



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Financial Strength

Malpractice insurer Medical Protective is a Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway Company with unmatched respected A.M. Best rating “A++” (Superior) and more than $1.5 Billion in annual premium “The Highest Rated Malpractice Insurance Company”

Authorized Admitted Programs

50 states including: Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington providing the strongest dental malpractice protection available in the country

Two Policy Types – “Occurrence” policies and “Claims-Made” policies with available “Prior Acts” protection available through MedPro

Limits of Liability – up to $5,000,000 per claim and $7,000,000 annual aggregate available

Insuring – General Dentist, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons, Orthodontist, Endodontist, Periodontist, Pediatric Dentist, Prosthodontist, Oral Pathologist, Dental Anesthesiologist, New Dental Graduates (special rates) and Large Dental Groups

Largest Dental Malpractice Insurer Nationally 108 Years Strong for more than 40,000 dental professionals nationwide

Pure Consent*

  • Absolute right to refuse case settlement
  • “NO Hammer Clause or Arbitration Process”

*The only California non-association insurance company providing these exclusive policy contract terms

Proven Claims Experience

MedPro has focused exclusively on malpractice for more than 119 years and national expertise with focused in-house claims defense specialist team bringing over 24 years of experience to each case

Protecting Dentist – MedPro’s leveraged financial strength invested in finest stable of legal defense in the nation, supported by more than 7,500 expert witnesses with *95%+ WIN rate and over 82% of cases closed without a loss payment!

“Industry Leader – Aggressive Defense”

It is important to note that The Medical Protective Company has often spent far more on defense than would have been required in an out-of-court settlement

Clinical Risk Management Experts

MedPro’s full team of industry leaders who are available to address any issue, whether it be a basic question or walk you through a situation real time while a patient is in the chair…

Education – MedPro offers a variety of Risk Management courses that provide CDE’s available via Home Study, Internet & Hotel Seminar programs for doctors and staff that includes an opportunity to receive premium credits. MedPro is the largest Malpractice Insurer Nationally 119 years strong for more than 40,000 dental professionals nationwide. Solutions – Risk Management, patient safety and litigation support

Botox – Medical Protective in California offers coverage by endorsement for dentist who administer Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers

Endorsements – MedPro is honored to have Nine State and Six National Dental Society Endorsements including Punjabi Dental Society (PDS) and Southern California Orofacial Academy (SCOA)

Free Unlimited Reporting

This endorsement (tail coverage) available upon permanent retirement for Dentists insured by MedPro for a minimum of 1 year. Free unlimited tail coverage in the event of death or permanent and total disability. Otherwise, unlimited tail coverage available at a fixed cost.

Stability – MedPro unlike other dental malpractice companies that have left the market or brokers who frequently switch carriers, Medical Protective has never left a dental market. Pricing is stable and competitive due to the success in defending our insured.

Your Career… You’ve invested a lot in your dental career and reputation so, why not take the time to insure you have the strongest protection with a company who has the strength and experience needed in the event of a claim.

“A claim is someone seeking to take your money and blemish your reputation”

Dental Malpractice Insurance Information

All dentists are vulnerable to malpractice lawsuits. Having dental professional liability insurance can provide essential coverage in these circumstances. The agents at Mikel’s Insurance Services can help you secure the insurance you need. Contact us for additional information.

A dental practitioner’s primary focus should be providing quality care to patients and maintaining their oral health. However, risks and uncertainties can arise, potentially leading to professional liabilities and legal challenges, which is where dental liability insurance comes into play.

What Is Dental Liability Insurance and Why Is It Important for Dental Practitioners?

Dental liability insurance is a professional liability insurance specifically designed to protect dental practitioners, such as dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons, from potential claims or lawsuits arising from their professional services.

Dental practitioners are exposed to various risks and potential liabilities in their practice, such as dental malpractice claims, allegations of negligence, errors in diagnosis or treatment, accidental injury to patients, breach of confidentiality and other professional misconduct. In the event of such claims or lawsuits, dental liability insurance can help safeguard the dentist’s financial assets and professional reputation.

Is Dentist Liability Insurance Mandatory for Dental Professionals?

The requirement for dental liability insurance varies depending on the jurisdiction and local regulations. In some states, dental liability insurance is mandatory for dental professionals as a condition of obtaining and maintaining a dental license. These requirements are put in place to ensure that dental practitioners have adequate protection in case of professional liabilities and maintain a certain standard of professionalism and accountability.

However, it’s important to note that the specific regulations regarding dental liability insurance can differ from one jurisdiction to another. Some jurisdictions may have specific minimum coverage requirements, while others may not have a mandatory insurance requirement at all. The requirements may also depend on the type of dental practice, such as private practice, working in a hospital or clinic, or being an employee of a larger organization.

Even in jurisdictions where dental liability insurance is not mandatory, it is still highly recommended for dental professionals to carry this type of insurance. Dental professionals should consult with their local dental regulatory authority or professional association to understand the specific requirements regarding liability insurance in their jurisdiction. Additionally, seeking advice from an insurance professional or broker specializing in dental liability insurance can help dental practitioners make informed decisions about their insurance needs.

How to Get Dentist Liability Insurance in Downey, CA

At Mikel’s Insurance Services, we provide tailored dental liability insurance solutions to meet dental professionals’ unique needs. Our team of experienced insurance professionals understands the intricacies of the dental field and will work closely with you to assess your risks and develop a comprehensive coverage plan.

Medical Protective is well suited to provide the security you deserve today and long into your future…

For more information contact: Richard Walton
Agent – Program Administrator

Phone: (855) 758-9649 ext. 128
eMail: rwalton@mikels-ins.com

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*Based on Medical Protective Internal Data.
‡Product availability varies based upon business and regulatory approval and may be offered on an admitted or non-admitted basis.